Angels-Cave is primarily run by Charlie, but she is helped behind the scenes by a close knit team of family and friends. Each member of her expanded team has a wealth of knowledge to share and their own set of crafting skills to offer.


About:Charlotte is currently working hard running Angels-Cave part time whilst working in a discount store and caring for her Step-Dad full time. She has a background in Photography, with a BA in Photography and Video and used her Ball-jointed dolls as the subject of her final degree show. After 2013 with several long-term members moving on for pastures new and the BJD hobby in decline, Charlie found her love of making doll clothes demising. Vising a sewing trade show Charlie fell in love with a table top and embroidery machine. A while later and after quite some saving Charlie got her machine and  began the slow process of moving away from dolls in order to concentrate on handcrafted, embroidered and embellished accessories, and plush toys. She has rekindled her love for sewing and is having fun coming up with new and exciting ideas.



About: Tam the (tiny) Hamster started life as just another plush toy. Waiting for a new home at an anime    con he was found by Charlie and AngelsFish. After living the easy life with Charlie for a while he took a new job as her support creature, going out and about with her to keep her calm. Being the super talented hamster he was it soon came to lite that  he had more skills to offer. Taking over the Angels-Cave Instagram feed he documented his tiny adventures and the work going on. With the change of direction, Tam has taken over the role of “CEO” and official mascot, he now spends his time making sure Charlie keeps on track and works properly. He enjoys cake, sweets and getting his own way.


About: Coming soon!