Site update.

You’ll see some changes coming to the shop secton of the site, we’re going back to integrating the Etsy shop with the site. You will now be taken to the Etsy page to complete any purchase. We hope this makes things easier for you and makes you feel more secure buying from us. Keep an eye out for the rest of the shop sections going live soon.

New patch design live in the shop.

Here at Angels-Cave we enjoy getting into the traditional British complain about the weather! During the recent heat wave we just wanted rain. This lead to the new range of Weather lovers merit patches. First up is the rain lovers patch. Never be embarrassed to show your true weather loving colours!You can find this patch in the shop, with Facebook and Etsy to follow soon.


New Patch.

We hope you like our take on Yellow Diamond. She’s live on the site and Facebook, with the Etsy listing going live on Wednesday 25th July. From now on items will go live on the site first and Etsy after.